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Piano Lessons

Now offering beginning piano lessons for children.  One of the highest recommended instruments to learn as a child, piano teaches discipline, creativity, organization, and rewards work well done.  Holly teaches with enthusiasm and a vision for helping children learn keyboard basics quickly.  In focusing on the fun of learning, she allows young children to play songs from day one.  By using a combination of teaching techniques, including Kodaly method, Holly creates interest and excitement in your child’s learning process.  An integral part of piano lessons includes learning the basic musical language (music theory), which is taught in fun, hands-on way as well as in workbook form.  Basic keyboard skills are a wonderful beginning to a full musical life. 


We recommend that your child be at least 6 years old or show a level of maturity which allows them to take a 30 minute lesson.  Space is limited.  Please call for an interview and consultation.

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